hardware fixes (AMD K6 power consumption support)

Most older mainboards feature Socket 7 but are not optimized or even tested for high power consumption of AMD K6.
Here is a list of mainboards with their max supported setting.

Manufacturer Model Amps
ASUS P/I P55T2P4 rev 3.1 12A
ASUS TX-97 (all variations) 12A
FIC PA-2007 rev 1.2 10A
FIC VA-503 rev 1.0A 12A
FIC PA-2012 rev 1.2 20A
FIC VA-503+ rev 1.2 20A
FIC PA-2013 rev 2.0 20A
Soyo SY-5EH5/M rev 0.8 10A
Soyo SY-5EH5/M rev 1.0 14A
Soyo SY-5EMA rev 0.8 10A
Soyo SY-5EMA rev 1.0 14A
Soyo SY-5EH5/M rev 0.8 10A
M Tech R581A 10A