identify mainboard by Acorp

Acorp [SW / ]
Acorp [X3 / ]
Use ACorp Hungaria for older mainboards

845GDA   i845G AGP 5PCI 1CNR 2DIMM
845EBA   i845E AGP 5PCI 1CNR 2DIMM
6A815ED   i815E DualCPU
A-5VIA5S 2A5LESW9C    
A-5TX52 v.E 2A59ISWBC    
A-5TX32     OEM of San-Li SL-586TX
A-5TX29 01/07/98-i430TX-ALi513x-2A59IF99C-00 i430TX OEM of FordLian 5ITXA
A-5VX32 vB     OEM of San-Li SL-586V+
A-586VX     OEM of San-Li SL-586V