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SPARC (Scalable Processor ARChitecture)
microSPARC (32bit) 1991
SuperSPARC (Viking) 1992
SuperSPARC II 1995
UltraSPARC I (250MHz) 1995
UltraSPARC II (366MHz) 1996
UltraSPARC IIi (270..333MHz) 1998
UltraSPARC II (450MHz, 8MB L2)
UltraSPARC III (600..900MHz, 96KB L1, external L2)
UltraSPARC IV 'Jaguar', Dual Core, 2x8MB L2, 1.2+GHz)
UltraSPARC V (2002, 1.5+GHz 2003)

CPU modules
USII 248 MHz
USII 296 MHz
USII 360 MHz 4MB
USII 400 MHz 2MB
USII 400 MHz 4MB
USII 450 MHz 4MB
USIIi 270 MHz
USIIi 300 MHz 512KB
USIIi 333 MHz 2MB
USIIi 360 MHz 2MB
USIIi 360 2MB
USIIi 440 2MB
USIIi 480 2MB

microSPARC-II 85/110MHz
UltraSPARC-II Data Buffer (UDB-II)
USIIi SME1040 270/300/333 MHz
USIIi SME1430 360/440/480 MHz

"S" series (UltraSPARC I, UltraSPARC II, and UltraSPARC III)
Delivering leading-edge performance for scaleable workstations and servers

"I" series (UltraSPARC IIi)
Integrates many system functions onto the processor, providing a cost-effective solution for single processor systems

"E" series (microSPARCTM and UltraSPARC)
Provides an optimal price-performance point for embedded application which need the power of SPARC such as thin clients as well as network interface, control and line cards.

SPARC64 (HAL/Fujitsu/Siemens)
MAJC (microprocessor architecture for JAVA computing)
MAJC (Multithreading, Multiprocessing [up to 1024 cores on die], UltraJava
MAJC 5200 (2x[32bit CPU], 2x16KB code 1x16KB data L1, 0.22µm, 500MHz)
MAJC 5200+ (MAJC5200, 0.15µm, 500/700MHz)
picoJAVA 2